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Fishing gear manufacturers number in the dozens, which gives anglers a wide variety of choices of fishing reels. The reel you'll need depends on the type of fish you're going after. Once you've made that decision, drop by your local fishing store and check out the new models. Advances in technology have provided many new materials to the world of fishing. As a result, there have been a number of changes to reels, both in materials and in function.

Precision and Durability
Not only has technology provided new materials, but it has also provided newer methods and machines to increase the precision of the construction. Most fishing reels today are made from meticulously-crafted parts. This added accuracy allows for a better fit and for more fluid movement.

The updated materials allow the reels to remain durable without being overly heavy. In addition, many reels, particularly those designed for saltwater fishing, are built out of anodized, rust-free metals and composites.

What and How to Buy
As with any type of product or equipment, you want to choose a fishing reel made by a reliable, quality manufacturer. Among the many choices are Zebco, Diawa and Abu Garcia, all of which produce a variety of quality products.

You can buy reels separately or with a rod. Fishing gear manufacturers will often package a rod and reel together. With these types of packages, usually all you need to do is add line, grab your tackle and head out to your favorite fishing hole. Whether you buy a reel separate from a rod or in a package, it's important to try them together. Take the time to check the fit before you leave the store.

Going for a Spin
Reels can be divided into a few categories, including spin caster and bait caster. A spin caster reel has a small tab or wire frame on the reel. Prior to casting, this device will be in the "release" position. After casting the tab or wire will lock onto the reel to provide tension.

Spin caster reels can be used to catch a wide variety of fish, which makes them popular with anglers. Spin caster reels are also exposed or "open-faced". This makes it easier to control the line, and to detangle it if the need should arise. Loading fishing line is easier on open-faced fishing rod reels, too.

Taking the Bait
Unlike spin casters, bait caster reels are completely covered and are categorized as "closed-face". The line in the reel is completely protected from view. This covering protects the line from debris, and helps the line play out smoothly. Bait caster reels also have a small button. When preparing to cast, you press the button, then release it as the rod comes forward. The line comes out quickly and smoothly.

Once the line is out the bait caster reel, like the spin caster, locks on the line to provide tension. Big bass fishermen often favor bait caster reels, because they get the line into the water so quickly.

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